Prevent Dark Underarms and Enjoy Wearing Strapless Tops

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Women love to wear strapless tops and dresses, especially when it is hot. Such outfits are not only stylish, but also great for those who have gorgeous skin or long cascading hair to show off. However, dark under arms can prevent you from enjoying this style. This is a common problem in women, and it is caused by a myriad of reasons. Whether you want to enjoy wearing your sleeveless swimsuit or top with confidence, you can do something to prevent dark armpits. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve this goal.

Watch out for Harmful Chemicals

The skin is very sensitive and it often reacts to any foreign substances applied to it. Unfortunately, some deodorants contain alcohol and other additives, which cause discoloration on the skin. This is one of the primary causes of dark under arms. If you are suffering from this issue, it might be due to the type of perfumes you use. Therefore, be watchful of what you buy to fight sweat odor. The best deodorants that will not affect the skin often consist of organic ingredients

Avoid Tight Clothes

Under arms often rub against each other. Friction in this part of the body causes microscopic abrasions, which make the skin darker. The condition becomes even works when wearing tight blouses and tops. This causes more rubbing in the armpit region, thus the microscopic bruises increase. Avoid wearing tops that are too tight on the under arms as this can prevent this region from becoming discolored.

Maintain Basic Hygiene

Excessive sweating can cause under arm discoloration. Usually, sweat reacts with the skin. It also contains bacteria and waste from the body, which can leave a dark tinge when left unlearned. It is therefore important to wash underarms thoroughly to prevent further darkening on this area. Remember to wash regularly and especially after workouts or hot days when the body tends to perspire more.

Avoid Shaving

Shaving can indeed get rid of hideous under arm hair. The problem with shaving is that blades tend to leave small micro abrasions. You can even confirm this by apply spirit or alcohol on your under arms after shaving. This will cause the micro bruises to experience pain. When they heal, they tend to darken, thus causing the skin to have a darker complexion. Hair follicles also tend to enlarge after shaving. These clusters lead to dark under arms as well. Nowadays, there are alternatives to using shaving blades. Ask your dermatologist on the safest way to get rid of under arm hair.

It is important to learn about factors that lead to dark under arms. This is the best way to deal with this small cosmetic problem. Follow the tips shared above and eliminate all the possible causes of dark armpits. Remember to follow these tips diligently for the best results. Doing so will allow you to maintain smooth, light under arms, thus allowing you to wear all your fashionable sleeveless outfits without feeling embarrassed when around other people.

Sharing is caring!

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