Garden Herbs for DIY Skin Care

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In this day and age, taking care of your skin is a vital part of your everyday life. With so many products and commercials to highlight them daily, it’s no surprise that people keep on competing with their yesterday selves. Now, even though all the consumer products out there are branded and amongst the very best, there will still be few that cause you side effects and there will still be few that give you allergies.

So instead of wasting time figuring out which product is best suited for your skin type, just use 100% natural products. What can be better ways than to look into your own garden for herbs that will make your skin radiant and others jealous of such glow? Here is a list of garden herbs that can be used for skin care –


Lavender is one of the most loved herbs with numerous healthy skin ingredients. It is relieving and hygienic, so it’s an incredible solution for burns, psoriasis, contaminations and sensitive skin. Make a solution with lavender tea in a clean bottle with refined water and add few drops of lavender oil (begin with a low quantity, then continue including drops until you figure out the right quality for your skin). What’s more, since lavender is a characteristic mood turner, using this solution will give you a sense of refreshment and keep your skin fresh and radiant.


Neem is one of the serious canons of the home grown world. Since these leaves can fight effectively against bacterial contamination, neem oil is utilized to treat skin inflammation, dermatitis, psoriasis, dandruff and many other problems. It is an all rounder for all sorts of skin conditions.


Sage is the most important herb for people with oily skin. Sage (the kind you grow for cooking) is astringent, so a solid tea made of this herb and blended with a touch of witch hazel or apple juice vinegar serves as an awesome day by day toner. You can also use the plain tea part of this as a regular face cleanser.


Basil is especially valuable if yuo live in a polluted or dusty zone and your skin has lost its brilliance. Mash a modest bunch of basil leaves and pour some hot water over them to make a solid tea. Once this mix has cooled, sprinkle your face with it as a detoxifying toner that helps to increase circulation. Without letting your face dry, apply lotion.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is understood for treating blazes and scratches, yet you can utilize it on any aggravated skin. A face veil made of aloe, nectar and kelp will enormously mitigate and saturate your skin. You can purchase the gel in stores; however it’s generally best if you have a plant to guarantee 100% purity. At any rate, read the ingredients behind and ensure that your aloe gel doesn’t contain any of those basic cosmetic materials.

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