About us

Daily Delish is a food blog started by the urging of friends and inspired by reading many other food blogs.  Four years ago, my husband and I moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina from Omaha, Nebraska, and we were happy to find that this is a great part of the country to live if you really like good food, which we do. Now we live in Raleigh and are still eating great.

I have only been cooking for five years now, and I still have so many things I haven’t tried to make yet, or things I have tried to make which didn’t turn out so well, such as a basic New York cheesecake.  I confess I am a picky eater, but I will just leave it to you to figure out what foods are missing from what I cook.

Because I go to school full-time, there might be long stretches between posts, but as I find my rhythm, I hope this blog will encourage me to cook more often.  Here’s to waiting ten years after graduating from high school to go to college! Luckily, the end is starting to be in sight.

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