Your Hair Length Reveals Your Character!

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What counts are inner values, of course. Your hair length still reveals interesting details about your personality. Find out what type of character you are.

Have you ever wondered why you wear your hair a certain way? In fact, some conclusions can be drawn about our personality from this! Personality and hair – there is a special kind of interaction: the hairstyle can be used to express who you are or to influence how you want to feel. It’s not for nothing that there is the so-called breakup hairstyle – the famous hairdresser visit after the breakup when you want to ring in the new phase of life with a new hairstyle. As you can see: You can interpret a lot in your hairstyle … Here you can find out what your hair length reveals about your personality.

Pixie Cut And Short Hairstyles

Anyone who has ever parted with a long mane knows how much overcoming it takes. After all, in a few minutes, you can say goodbye to hair that has grown for years. Anyone with a short hairstyle, therefore, has one thing above all: self-confidence. While you can hide behind long hair, short hair is a statement: “Look here, here I am! I know who I am and what I want!” Women who wear a Pixi cut or another ultra-short hairstyle are therefore sociable, self-confident, and honest. In short: With them, you get a friend with whom you can really experience a lot.

Image credit: Instagram/foreverpixie

The Bob For The Modern Woman

It is the reason why more and more women are parting with their long hair these days: the bob. The trend hairstyle convinces with its timeless elegance and suits every woman. So you always make a successful appearance with the bob. Therefore, women who wear it are one thing above all else: Determined and intelligent, because they know what they want to achieve and how they can achieve it. Bobsleigh wearers are therefore above average reliable because they keep their word.

Image credit: Instagram/kaiagerber

Midi: Ideal For Those Who Are Undecided

Medium-length hair is nothing in half or whole, but it is 100 percent enchantingly beautiful. The midi length is popular with all those who have not yet decided whether they want to wear their hair long or rather short or who want their long mane back after a trip into short hair.

This results in unflattering attributions for the personality of the wearer: Women with midi hairstyles like to keep all options open and don’t like to make decisions. However, there is an exciting downside: They are open to new things and experiments, spontaneity plays a major role for them, which is why they can enjoy life to the fullest and infect their surroundings with their zest for life.

Image credit: Instagram/haileybieber

The Whale Mane Stands For Pure Femininity

Long, shiny hair has been a symbol of femininity, sensuality, and wealth since ancient times. Snow White with a buzz cut – that just doesn’t work! Women who wear their hair long like to appear feminine and sexy. At the same time, women with long hair like it classic and show that they don’t emulate every trend – true to the motto: “Never change a winning team!” Furthermore, they attach greater importance to their appearance and are willing to invest time in styling and care, because long hair takes up a lot of it. Her character, therefore, combines all the positive attributes that can only be ascribed to women: sensuality and eroticism, social empathy, patience, and of course, last but not least, self-confidence.

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