These Are The Best Alternatives To Salt

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Too much salt in the diet can be harmful to health. But there are alternatives – probably more than most people think.

Some food tastes bland without salt. We don’t just use it because of the salty flavor, it also brings out the taste of many dishes better. This is probably one of the reasons why too much of it ends up on the plate: According to the German Nutrition Society, every man in Germany consumes around 10 grams of salt per day, women consume around 8.4 grams – both values ​​are well above the recommendation of around six grams.

This excessive consumption can be harmful to health, especially increasing the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, and strokes. There are numerous alternatives with which the consumption of salt can be reduced – and the food still tastes delicious, as reported by the website “”.


The leek plant is an excellent salt substitute. It does not go with all dishes, but with almost everything that has to do with Mediterranean cuisine. Garlic is also great in marinades, all kinds of salads, soups, or stews. And it is also healthy, whether fresh or in powder form. It lowers blood pressure and is said to strengthen the immune system.

Lemon juice or zest

The acidity of the lemon can underline and bring out the taste of dishes in a similar way to salt. The zest, the fine strips from the shell, add a fruity note. This tastes particularly good with salads, cooked vegetables, and marinades, but also works well with fish and meat. However, organic lemons are a must when using the peel.

Freshly ground black pepper

Salt and pepper are the ultimate spice duo, but if you want to reduce the salt, you should just try to increase the pepper content. This goes well with soups, grilled dishes, and pasta.


The fresh, strong taste of dill can also make you forget about the salt. It works particularly well with fish dishes, potatoes, and cucumbers. It tastes perfect in combination with lemon juice.

Dried onions or onion powder

When dry, the onion brings a strong flavor and a bit of sweetness to the dishes. That goes well with almost all hearty dishes.


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