These 4 Zodiac Signs Cannot Cry

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Tears are an interesting emotional thing. For everyone, they start rolling in very different situations – and for very different reasons. But as with other character traits, the zodiac sign can say a bit about how you cry. And whether you cry at all.

While some sun signs are already crying in the first five minutes of a dramatic film (yes, Pisces, we’re talking about you), it is a real rarity to see some other zodiac signs cry. According to the horoscope, this mainly affects four of the zodiac signs …

Are you good at crying The horoscope reveals which 4 zodiac signs almost never shed tears.

1. Gemini

May 21 – June 20: You really have a knack for distancing yourself emotionally from situations. And of course, you do that when you have the feeling that you would otherwise lose the ground under your feet. Or just fluid in the body. Because you hardly allow negative feelings, you rarely feel the need to cry. If a situation catches you by surprise and you no longer manage to evade it in time, a whole waterfall will come out of you.


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