These 4 Zodiac Signs are Really Bad Drivers

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With their 18th birthday, many are looking forward to one thing in particular: driving. Somehow that is part of growing up – and it is a huge pleasure for most of them. But not everyone feels really comfortable with a lot of horsepower under their feet and can meander smoothly through the wild traffic. No matter how many miles have already been driven.

According to the horoscope, four zodiac signs, in particular, stand out when driving a car – and not through particular finesse. Are you one of them?

The horoscope reveals which zodiac signs are the worst drivers

1. Aries

You would be fabulous as a racing driver. However, you are really not fun on normal roads. You are known to be impulsive and stubborn. Translated for road traffic this means: swear words are constantly booming from your car. You just get excited – about other drivers, construction sites, traffic jams. And you drive as if the road is yours.


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