Healthy Yogurt Facials for Sensitive Skin

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The facials made of yogurt are very popular, especially for their ability to improve the damages of the sensitive skin.  You can make your own yogurt facial at home, as it’s quite easy to do it. Here, we bring to your attention some healthy yogurt facials for sensitive skin that can be made in home conditions.

So, all those who have very sensitive skin and want to take care of it should buy a plain yogurt. What you need to do is to apply yogurt on your face and leave it for 25-30 minutes. Wash your face with warmer water and after a few practices you will see a great difference on your face.

The benefits of yogurt are the lactic acids, and their ability to exfoliate your face is the key to your healthy skin. If you feel the cosmetic products damage your skin and your face, you can simply change them with yogurt masks, you know. The yogurt facials will have a positive influence on dry skin and will dissolve the debris present in the pores.

The anti-bacterial features in yogurt will not only improve the state of your skin but will also fight blemishes. When mixing a cup of yogurt with fresh lime juice, you will at once get rid of those acne problems.

Yogurt masks are also perfect for sunburns; they will not only reduce the pain of sunburns but will also diminish their redness, so you will not get nervous of your skin color any more.

You can also make a facial mask with yogurt and honey; 2 tbs of honey to 1 tbs of yogurt, after mixing the facial, apply it to your face and leave it for about 15 minutes. The zinc in yogurt will help to fight the burned skin also.

Those who want to tighten the pores would rather make a facial of 2 tbs of yogurt and 2 tbs of powered oats. After mixing them put it into the refrigerator and leave it there for a few hours. Apply it to your face and leave it for 20-25 minutes. Be sure, that your skin is not allergic. If during applying the mask you feel any kind of burns, wash it off immediately and never use it again.

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