Be Careful Mom! 5 Signs You Are Stressed Too Much

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Sometimes we don’t even realize how badly we really need a break. But there are a few unmistakable signs that tell us just that – if we just pay attention to them.

Of course, everyone is in Stress And parents with small babies in particular often don’t even know where up and down is due to the lack of sleep and caffeine overdose. However, these phases pass and, ideally, everyday life then levels off again to a normal level of stress. But what if that doesn’t happen? When, after years, are you still longing for a few extra minutes of sleep and adult conversation that won’t be disturbed?

This can be quite a strain on our nerves and lead to our stress level taking on unhealthy proportions. So that this doesn’t happen to you, we have a few pointers from your body that are really worth listening to.

1. You are b*tchy

Perhaps the most obvious and universal sign of excessive stress is irritability. Sure, we all have a bad day and react irritably, but if you are only bitchy in your communication with your family and get loud for no reason, then something goes wrong.

Your partner may even have accused you of being moody. Sometimes it pays to listen and see such allegations as a reason to take a break. let the children with your sweetheart and allow yourself some time for yourself.


Sharing is caring!

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