7 Helpful Tips Against Muscle Tension

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What can be done against muscle tension? Even with chronic joint diseases such as osteoarthritis, those affected feel better with heat therapy with fango and moor packs. Old home remedies with warm wraps are also ideal. In addition, heat activates pain-relieving nerve fibers in the brain.

Ginger kindles inner fire

The hot bulb of ginger from Asia stimulates the metabolism and detoxifies the body. For a pot of tea, add about five slices of hot water. Tip: A compress soaked in ginger water relieves joint pain and sprains.

Warming cream for back pain

With back pain, warming creams often help, whose blood circulation-promoting effect extends deep into the muscles. Tension is loosened, pain is fought. Warming creams are also suitable for rubbing on the neck, for example when stress is “on the neck”. Essential oils from rosemary and eucalyptus also have a nourishing effect.

Full bath against sore muscles

The best therapy after a long day at work or against sore muscles after exercise is a hot bath. The recommended temperature is between 36 and 38 degrees. Tip: Bath additives with natural mud, arnica, rosemary, and comfrey help with back problems.

Soothing hot water bottle

Unpleasant pulling in the abdomen during menstruation, but also intestinal complaints can be significantly alleviated with a hot water bottle. The organs are better supplied with blood through warmth and the muscles relax. This has a pain-relieving effect. This method also helps with urinary tract infections. Tip: If you wrap the hot water bottle with a damp cloth, it will relax even better.

Effective deep heat

Infrared heat stimulates blood circulation and expands the blood vessels even in non-irradiated areas of the body. The improved blood circulation removes metabolic waste products and acids and brings in oxygen. The muscles become soft again.

Small anti-frost massage

Many women now have constantly cold hands – that is uncomfortable. But with a few small steps, you can really boost your blood circulation.

That’s how it’s done

First, stroke the left hand from the wrist to the fingertips. Then press the right thumb into the palm of the hand with rotating movements and circle on the spot. Change hands, then pamper yourself with hand cream.

Loosening heat patch

Tension in the neck often causes headaches. Heat can work wonders here because shortened muscles stretch again under its influence. Special heat plasters have a pain-relieving effect for many hours. Also available for the knee and back.

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