Post-Christmas Organisation and Declutter Tips

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How to Make Room for Christmas Gifts and New Years’ Sale Bargains

Most homes get tidied up prior to the Christmas holiday season, ready for visiting family and friends. The days after Christmas are generally more relaxing, recovering the busyness of preparing for Christmas itself.

For those not travelling over the holidays, the week between Christmas and New Year is an ideal time to sort through wardrobes, collections and cabinets to make room for new items received as Christmas gifts or to find out what might be useful to pick-up at a bargain price in the New Years’ sales.

Wardrobe Clutter Clean-out

A quick tidy-up of bedroom wardrobes and closets can be helpful before hitting the boutiques and department stores for clothing discounts.

Sort through clothing, shoes and accessories and put aside any items that no longer fit or are no longer worn. Make a note of any items that are needed or that could be replaced with something new. If a skirt or blouse is rarely worn because there is no co-ordinating shirt/skirt or shoes, make a note of what is needed or discard the item and make a note to replace it with something that will co-ordinate with existing clothing and accessories.

Don’t forget to include underwear in the clean-out, discarding ill-fitting bras and items that no longer fit well or with holes or stretched elastic.

Sort and Clear out Unwanted Books, CDs and DVDs

Book, music and movie collections have a habit of getting out of control. An annual check to remove unwanted books, CDs or movie DVDs can clear space for new purchases in the coming year.

Collection database software, such as the Collectorz suite of programs, can be useful to keep track of large collections and include the option of tagging items as no longer wanted. These can then be listed on online auction sites such as eBay or through a variety of book-swapping websites and gradually sold or exchanged. Alternatively, donate unwanted items to a local library or charity shop.

Discard Unused Cosmetics and Toiletries

Almost empty cosmetic containers and tubes of hand and body lotions can create clutter in bathroom cabinets and vanities. Most cosmetics have a short shelf-life after opening and should be replaced regularly. Check nail polish and lipstick supplies and discard almost empty containers or colours that are no longer suitable.

Make a note of particular brands and colours that need to be replenished as well as items that simply need to be replaced. Most major department store cosmetics departments have bonus offers and sales in late December and early January that are ideal for topping up supplies of favourite products.

Declutter Wallets, Purses and Handbags

Particularly in the busy shopping period leading up to Christmas, wallets and purses can become filled with store loyalty cards, receipts and scraps of paper. Handbags can become so cluttered with bits and pieces that it can be almost impossible to find car keys.

Empty purses, wallets and handbags onto a clear benchtop. Discard any rubbish, file receipts then sort through remaining things to ensure that only the important cards and other necessary items remain. Cull pens, packets of tissues and cosmetics in handbags as much as possible.

Start the New Year with Less Clutter

Remember that many unwanted items can be disposed of in a variety of ways, including donations to charity, sharing with family and friends or selling quality second-hand items through second-hand clothing and bookstores or online at eBay or other auction sites.

Having a post-Christmas declutter and tidy-up around the home can make a New Years’ Resolution of keeping a more tidy and organised home much more achievable.

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