4 Zodiac Signs Who Have The Most Luck in love

Do you also have these friends with whom everything always goes well in love? Heartbreak, lovesickness, or ghosting are foreign words to them. If they split up, new love will soon be in sight. With them, everything is always rosy and just runs smoothly. Why is that? According to your horoscope by your zodiac sign. Because for four-star signs, the stars in love are always good.

Discover the 4 zodiac signs that are simply always lucky in love

1. Taurus

April 20 – May 20: The bull lives according to the motto “Strength lies in calm”. He doesn’t rush anything, he only enters into relationships when he is 100 percent sure. He is down to earth and attaches great importance to a quiet life. He would like his partner to have the same qualities. Hopping from bed to bed is out of the question for a Taurus. Taurus women want a partner who is patient, monogamous, and just always there for them. Once you’ve found it, you won’t let go of either of them that quickly.

source: freepik.com