DIY Eye Makeup Remover

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The skin around the eyes is very delicate and needs to be treated very gently. If the eyelids are not handled with care, they can show age much faster. One way to treat eyelids gently is to take special care in washing makeup off of them.

What Eyelids Need

With all the heavy makeup out there that claims to be waterproof, long-lasting, or all-day-wear, the eyelids get a lot of action. Brushing, smearing, and applying all kinds of substances to them on a daily basis requires thorough cleaning at the end of the day.

But to clean effectively, safely, and gently, one must not scrub the eyelids with washcloths or soaps that have harsh chemicals in them. Eye makeup remover is a much gentler and safer way to remove a day’s build-up of makeup applications. This eye makeup remover should be free of any harsh chemicals and contain a moisturizing element

How to Give Eyelids the Care They Need on a Budget

Unfortunately, the eye makeup remover products that claim to gently clean and moisturize normally cost between four and twenty dollars a bottle. If a lot of makeup is used every single day, the cost just for eye makeup remover can irritate the budget of a frugal person.

Luckily, eye makeup remover can be made at home on the cheapest budget imagined. Since eyelids need a gentle soap to remove the makeup and a moisturizer to keep the eye area looking fresh and young, gentle shampoo can be mixed with an oil and diluted with water.

Recipe for Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Like most recipes, there is not only one way to successfully make a batch of eye makeup remover from home. The gentlest shampoo to use would be baby shampoo, but the brand does not matter, so experiment! Different oils can also be substituted for the baby oil. Here is the basic recipe:

  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 1/2 TBP of baby shampoo
  • 1/8 tsp of baby oil

Combine ingredients and shake to mix well. This makes slightly over a cup of eye makeup remover, so to prevent throwing any away, make sure to have sufficient-sized or multiple little containers available.

Making homemade beauty products not only is a cost-effective way to ease a little of the stress on the pocketbook, but it also is a great way to make cheap gifts that may inspire friends and family to try homemade recipes for everyday products as well.

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