14 Tips For A Strong Back

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Two-thirds of all Germans suffer more or less often from back pain. Simple tricks are often enough to prevent back pain and alleviate excruciating pain …

The best exercises to strengthen your back

Our vertebrae need gentle movement to stay fit. Anyone who does the gymnastics exercises in three repetitions ensures a perfect day without discomfort:

Extend your back: Stand hip-width apart on your toes and stretch your arms upwards. Alternately push the left and right hand far towards the ceiling. Hold for 10 seconds, then lower your heels and arms again.

Turning your head: Sit upright on the edge of the bed, let your head drop forward. Then slowly turn the chin in a semicircle to the left and right, hold it at shoulder height for 3 seconds each time. Come back to the middle at the end of this exercise. Slowly straighten your head.

Cross your hands behind your back: Stand upright, your hands are crossed at the level of your lower back, your shoulder blades are close together. Keep your hands in this position for 5 seconds, then loosen them.

“Downward looking dog”: Form an inverted “V” with the body when standing on four feet, legs and back are straight, hands and heels remain on the floor – as in the well-known yoga exercise “downward-looking dog”. Hold for 5 seconds. Important: straighten up very slowly at the end!

Flatter lying position

If you wake up in the morning with back pain, it can be on the pillow. It shouldn’t be too high. A special neck pillow that prevents the head from kinking is also good.

Water keeps you supple

Lack of water (dehydration) can lead to symptoms such as chronic fatigue and problems of the cardiovascular system. But the intervertebral discs also need fluid so that they remain elastic and can perform their function as “shock absorbers” between the vertebrae. For this reason, you should always drink at least 1.5 liters a day.

A bra that fits perfectly

A poorly fitting bra with straps that are too narrow and incisive can pinch shoulder nerves and muscles – and thus lead to back pain. A comfort bra should have wide straps and the underbust should be anatomically shaped. In this way, the back is noticeably relieved.

Correct sitting

Sitting still and bolt upright was yesterday! Today, on medical advice, you can slide and fidget in the (office) chair. That keeps the cross mobile!

Back-friendly mattress

If you share the bed with your partner, you should have two mattresses. The “lightweight” needs a softer mattress, the heavier partner a harder mattress so that the back does not sink too deep. A good product yields in the shoulder and pelvic area and fits around the waist. The mattress should be selected and the slatted frame adjusted so that the shoulder and hips sink into the mattress when lying on the side so that the spine forms a straight line.

Warmth for the back

Whether as a full bath, ointment, or heat patch – warmth relaxes the back muscles and is also the method of choice for lumbago or sciatic pain.

High heels hurt your back

High heels are poison for your back! It is best not to walk around with pumps for more than three hours, after which the feet should have a break so that the back is also relieved. Heel height of no more than three centimeters is ideal for walking on it for several hours without putting too much pressure on your back. Extra tip: Running without shoes relieves the spine and rebalances the musculoskeletal system. Just walk barefoot through the garden or on socks through the apartment and so relax and strengthen your back.

Strengthening sport

Exercise strengthens the muscles of the spine. The back is particularly happy about swimming, cycling, and Nordic walking.

Chairs with a seal of approval

When buying a new chair – whether for the dining room or the office – you want to be sure that you are sitting on it in a back-friendly manner, you should look for a seal of approval. Recommended is e.g. B. the AGR seal of approval of the Association for Healthy Backs (AGR).

Heavy handbags cause back pain

A heavy handbag quickly causes back problems: the straps cut in and the one-sided load creates tension. It’s best to clear out everything that you don’t necessarily have to have with you.

Tapes for the back

If you have back pain, sticking elastic bands (tapes) can help. Blood and lymph flow are stimulated, tension and inflammation subside. Recently there is also a tape with integrated pain-relieving and blood-circulation-promoting extracts from three medicinal plants.

Important building materials

Vitamins A, C, D, and calcium are good for connective tissue, intervertebral discs, and the spine. Vitamin A is found in carrots and broccoli, vitamin C in citrus fruits and rose hips, vitamin D in fish, and calcium in milk and almonds.

Pain ointments as natural acute help

Pain relief ointments with comfrey relieve tension and strains. It is best to rub in several times a day. Homeopathic remedies with the medicinal substance of oak-leaved poison sumac are as effective as chemical painkillers – but well tolerated.

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