10 Vital Substances That Help Women Fight Depression

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Although depression is widespread and everyone has been in direct or at least indirect contact with it, the disease is often not taken seriously enough – so society must continue to raise awareness. “mylife” has put together ten vital substances that can help women with depression to cope better with their illness:

Folic acid boosts the metabolism

The vitamin from the group of B vitamins is important for the formation of new cells and is involved in numerous metabolic processes. If there is a deficiency, symptoms such as tiredness and depressive moods occur. The daily requirement of 0.4 milligrams can be covered with a portion of spinach (200 grams). Oranges, peanuts and legumes are also good suppliers

Niacin perks up nerves and muscles

The nutrient, which is also called vitamin B 3, is a real all-rounder and is required for numerous processes in the body. So he cares z. B. for a regular digestion and is responsible for the recovery of muscles, nerves, cells and skin. Just the right mix to be fit for Nordic walking or cycling. The daily recommendation of 13 milligrams is about 100 grams of tuna or two slices of wholemeal bread.

Iron transports oxygen into the cells

Iron ensures that we wake up again by transporting oxygen to all cells. It is also indispensable for the development of many vital enzymes and for blood formation. A salted herring or a small portion of pork liver (100 grams) covers the daily requirement of 15 milligrams.

Vitamin B 1 strengthens the nerves

Towards spring we become more prone to stress. Vitamin B 1 is the vital substance for more joy in life, because it strengthens the function of the nerves. A deficiency, on the other hand, causes chronic fatigue. You cover the daily requirement (1 milligram) with a handful of sunflower seeds.

Magnesium stops tiredness

An inadequate supply of magnesium impairs muscle function and leads to tiredness and exhaustion. The vital substance is also indispensable for the normal functioning of the nervous system. To meet the daily requirement of 300 milligrams, one would have to eat six bananas or two bars of dark chocolate. Since this is not that easy, supplements from the pharmacy are a good choice.

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system

The vital substance, also called ascorbic acid, is the best known vitamin. Above all, it helps to strengthen the immune system and ward off colds . Vitamin C also strengthens the connective tissue of the skin and in this way prevents premature skin aging. It also boosts the fat metabolism and works as an ingenious fat burner. This means that superfluous winter pillows melt even faster. For the daily requirement of 100 milligrams, you can drink the juice of two lemons or enjoy two kiwi fruit every day.

Biotin strengthens the hair

Dull hair and dull nails – a typical winter problem. Biotin (also called vitamin B 7) promotes hair growth and improves structure by pushing the supply to the hair roots. It also stimulates the cells in the nail bed. A handful of oatmeal is enough for the daily requirement of 60 micrograms.

Potassium helps detox

The mineral stimulates the kidneys to excrete toxins and is therefore ideal for purification. Potassium also plays an important role in the transmission of electrical impulses to nerve cells. If the potassium level is too low, the muscles may malfunction. The recommended daily dose of 2000 milligrams is found in about 150 grams of beans or wheat bran.

Vitamin A for the mucous membranes

What our organism can do without now are exhausting colds. So strengthen your defense with vitamin A. The vital substance is important for the defense against infection, as it is involved in the structure of the mucous membranes, which in turn represent the first barrier against external pathogens. It also makes skin stressed by the cold soft and supple again. For the daily requirement of one milligram z. B. already two carrots or a red pepper.

Vitamin B 2 tightens the skin

In spring, the unfamiliar UV radiation from sunlight strains the skin. Vitamin B 2 gives it more moisture and resistance to germs. Two glasses of milk plus a piece of camembert are sufficient for a daily requirement of 1.5 milligrams.

Source: https://www.mylife.de/magazin/krankheiten/depression/10-vitalstoffe-die-frauen-gegen-depression-helfen-17291

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