Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

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Gift baskets not only allow those doing the giving to personalize their gift more, but also to get more creative in the gifts themselves.

Baskets are functional and many people love them and will use them well after the gift inside has been removed.  However, not every recipient can or will make use of a basket.  Instead of giving a gift basket with an actual basket as the basis, why not try something a bit more creative and useful to the beneficiary?

All it takes is a bit of thought and pre-planning to find the perfect creative Christmas gift basket without a basket.  Remember, just because you are sending a Christmas gift doesn’t mean the gift itself has to be decorated for the holidays.  Are the creative juices flowing yet?  If not, that’s ok.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started on the perfect creative gift basket.

Do you know someone on your list who loves to cook?  Think about some items that they’d like to receive.  Instead of wrapping up a basket filled with kitchen items in cellophane paper, use a crock pot or a stock pot instead.  A stock pot is big enough to hold even tall items, so don’t leave out those long handled spoons or box of foil.

To add to the surprise, replace the lid and return the pot to its original box.  Slap a pretty bow on the box and you’re done.  They’ll think you neglected to wrap the gift (play along if you want) until they lift the lid off of the stock pot and find all their goodies inside.

Is your dad or another man in the family an avid fisherman?  Use an old-fashioned wicker tackle box to hold a bunch of fishing items. Stuff your creative gift basket full of lures, handkerchiefs, line, a coffee thermos, and anything else you think he could use on his next fishing trip.  When he’s ready to head out, he’ll only need to grab the tackle box and his pole and he’s ready to go!

When the kids want to give a gift to their teacher, you can give them the ever famous apple, candles, and other assorted gifts.  Once you’ve decided on the gifts, instead of a basket or a gift bag, present the gifts in something they can use – a tote bag.

The tote bag needs to be big enough to hold not only their gifts, but also notebooks and papers.  Add the Christmas card to an outer pocket or tie a string to the handle and attach the card to it wishing her a happy holiday season!

For the women on your list, think about the one thing most women want, but don’t always get a chance to do.  Women love to take time out for themselves and though sending them to a spa for a day is a great gift, not everyone will be able to schedule that much time away.

So, instead of sending them to the spa, a gift basket filled with pampering items they can use at home is sometimes more practical.

One way you can present her gifts is inside of relaxation apparel.  Start with a huge box and place a plush robe and slippers inside.  But don’t stop there.  Turn the robe and slippers into a creative gift basket by filling each pocket with lotions, a manicure kit, a towel, eye mask, and more.

Then, use the slippers to hide aromatherapy candles and bath salts.  Just a tip, using slipper socks will give you more room for even more gifts.  Imagine her surprise when she pulls out the robe and finds all the other goodies in the pockets.

When putting together a creative gift basket, let the gifts dictate the container.  With these ideas, and a few more of your own, you’ll be well on your way to making someone’s day.  Giving Christmas gifts just got a whole lot easier and fun with a creative Christmas gift basket filled with the recipients favorite items.

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