Why are luxardo cherries so good?

But Luxardo’s cherries are packed with real fruit flavor—that fruit having all the nuance of notoriously seasonal tart cherries—and they have zero artificial coloring. The texture is more toothsome, more satisfying than those other cherries, too. Even if they’re dropped into nothing more than a humble Shirley Temple.

What’s so special about Luxardo cherries?

They are soaked in marasca syrup using no thickening agents or preservatives, and the dark red color is all natural. According to Luxardo, “their unique taste comes from the marasca cherry syrup which is made starting from the same juice used to prepare the infusion for the Cherry Liqueur ‘Sangue Morlacco’.”

Are Luxardo cherries the best?

Luxardo is the gold standard for cocktail cherries—the one against which all others are judged. … The Luxardo texture is meaty and the fruit is soaked in rich syrup that makes a perfect subtle sweetener for an old-fashioned.

What is the difference between Luxardo and maraschino cherries?

Luxardo cherries and Maraschino cherries are both technically Maraschino cherries, but there is quite a difference between the two. The former is considered artisanal and high-end, perfect for a craft cocktail garnish, while the latter is bright red and ideal for topping an ice cream sundae.

Is there alcohol in Luxardo cherries?

Luxardo cherries sold today are dark, sour and — contrary popular belief — contain no alcohol (via New York Times and Mariano’s).

Should I refrigerate Luxardo cherries?

The Bar Cart Staples You Should Be Refrigerating but Probably Aren’t. … Brandied cherries: While true maraschino cherries, like Luxardo, should be stored in a cool, dark place like a cupboard, as their syrup will crystallize if refrigerated, brandied cherries last longer in the fridge, toss them if they become moldy.

Can you eat Luxardo cherries?

Spoon one—or a few—cherries into an icy Manhattan: the sweet cherries play off the drink’s red vermouth and reduce the bite of the bourbon. Like sours? The Luxardo cherry is an outrageously good complement to sour mix.

What is better than luxardo cherries?

Amarena Fabbri is another well known brand of cocktail cherry. They come in a distinctive (and beautiful) blue and white jar and are actually often more expensive than the Luxardo cherries. These use sweeter cherries than some of the other brands, so if you prefer that style of cherry, this is a great one to go with.

Do Amarena cherries go bad?

BEST ANSWER: It is hermetically sealed like any other product and the shelf life would be years. Once opened, keep refrigerated. This is a syrup type mixture, so it will keep for many months. Mine is still good 6 months later.

Are Amarena cherries bad for you?

As Healthy As It Is Good

The cherries not only offer a marvelous taste, but are free of fat, sodium and cholesterol, and a particularly good source of Vitamin C, potassium, fiber, folate, magnesium and iron.

Can you drink Luxardo straight?

Luxardo Maraschino Originale can be enjoyed in many classic cocktails or neat as an after dinner drink. It is also ideal over fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, oranges etc. or as a flavor in confectionary and ice creams.

Are Luxardo cherries brandied?

You can buy fancy Luxardo cherries, made with marasca cherries and soaked in a tart Maraschino liqueur syrup. … It turns out my favorite cherries to drop into cocktails are simple brandied cherries. They still retain their natural cherry flavor, and they don’t muddy up a drink with spices that might not quite go.

How many cherries in a Luxardo can?

The original Luxardo cherry recipe was first produced in their plant in Zara in 1905, and is still in use today. Made with no thickening agents or preservatives, a jar still has a shelf life of 3 years. This can contains approximately 50-55 cherries.

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