Which Lindt chocolate is white?

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A delicate white chocolate shell enrobes an irresistibly smooth white chocolate center. Each bag contains approximately 75 divine White Chocolate Truffles. LINDOR Tip: LINDOR White Chocolate makes cupcakes even more delicious.

What color Lindt is white chocolate?

Color Flavor
Dark Green Peppermint
Gold and White White Chocolate
Red Milk Chocolate
Light Blue Stracciatella: white chocolate shell with cocoa pieces with a smooth white filling

Do Lindt make white chocolate?

Experience bliss with Lindt Lindor smooth melting white chocolate truffles. The Lindt Master Chocolatiers combine expertise and the finest ingredients to produce the perfectly round white chocolate shell with an irresistibly smooth melting filling.

What Flavour is white Lindor?

Experience the pure indulgence and creamy taste of Lindt LINDOR Stracciatella White Chocolate Truffles. Crafted with a delicate white chocolate shell flecked with cocoa pieces and a delectably smooth melting centre, these chocolate truffles make every bite irresistible.

Is stracciatella white chocolate?

Tiny bits of cocoa add the slightest hint of crunchiness to the creaminess of the white chocolate. White chocolate shell with cocoa .

Is white chocolate really chocolate?

White chocolate is made with a blend of sugar, cocoa butter, milk products, vanilla, and a fatty substance called lecithin. Technically, white chocolate is not a chocolate—and it doesn’t really taste like one—because it doesn’t contain chocolate solids. … Chocolate nibs are ground into a paste called chocolate liquor.

What makes Lindt chocolate different?

Lindt &amp, Sprüngli processes the cocoa beans into cocoa mass in its own facilities. … The actual bean mix in each case is a closely guarded manufacturing secret, as the expert blending of the flavors of the individual bean varieties from different regions is what gives Lindt chocolate its special taste.

Is Lindt white chocolate vegetarian?

Vegetarian. We are happy to report that all of our chocolates – including our LINDOR and EXCELLENCE ranges – are suitable for vegetarians! Some of our chocolates do use animal products but these are limited to milk, milk products, milk fat, cream, shellac and, on occasion, eggs.

What chocolate is Toblerone?

Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat (10%).

Is Lindt Lindor white chocolate gluten free?

According to the official Lindt FAQ, the white chocolate products are free from wheat, barley, and gluten ingredients. Based on the nutritional facts from the White Chocolate truffles bag, the product is gluten free without the typical barley ingredient found in the milk chocolate based truffles.

What is in a Lindt white chocolate ball?

Important information. White Chocolate [sugar, cocoa butter, milk, skim milk, soy lecithin (emulsifier), vanillin (artificial flavoring)], vegetable oil (coconut, palm kernel), sugar, cocoa butter, milk, skim milk, soy lecithin (emulsifier), artificial flavors. Keep cool (60-68 degrees F) and dry.

What is the light blue Lindor?

What is the light blue wrapper lindt ball? The light blue wrapper lindt ball is stracciatella flavour lindt ball, it is cookies and cream.

Is Lindt and Lindor the same?

The Lindt Master Chocolatiers wanted to create something heavenly to lift customers’ spirits after the war. They set to work experimenting with chocolate recipes until, in 1949, they came across a chocolate so luxuriously smooth it could be compared to melted gold. It was named LINDOR.

What is Lindt Lindor stracciatella?

It comes from the Italian milk based ice cream / gelato with chocolate chips in it. This truffle features a white chocolate shell with the crunchy texture of tiny chocolate nibs running through it. The creamy centre features a vanilla based cookies and cream flavour. Very unique and extremely tasty!

What is Lindt dulce de leche?

Indulge in a moment of bliss with LINDOR Dulce de Leche, the finest Lindt milk chocolate with a delicate chocolate shell and irresistibly smooth melting filling, created by the Lindt Master Chocolatier.

What Flavour is Lindt stracciatella?

Experience the sophisticated flavor of Lindt LINDOR Stracciatella White Chocolate Truffles. Inspired by the indulgently creamy taste of cookies and cream, these truffles make a luxurious gift for someone special, or save Lindt LINDOR Chocolate Truffles as the perfect indulgence for yourself.

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