What meals are high in iron?

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Here are 12 healthy foods that are high in iron.
  • Shellfish. Shellfish is tasty and nutritious. …
  • Spinach. Share on Pinterest. …
  • Liver and other organ meats. Share on Pinterest. …
  • Legumes. Share on Pinterest. …
  • Red meat. Share on Pinterest. …
  • Pumpkin seeds. Share on Pinterest. …
  • Quinoa. Share on Pinterest. …
  • Turkey. Share on Pinterest.

What dinners are high in iron?

Iron-rich recipes
  • Tuscan slow-cooked shin of beef with chianti. Italian cuisine never goes out of fashion. …
  • Spinach, pea and crab risotto. …
  • Gigantes plaki (Greek baked beans) …
  • Jamaican goat curry. …
  • Kimchi-baked tofu. …
  • Lamb soup (lamb harira) …
  • Persian rice with lamb. …
  • Spiced squash, spinach and lentil soup.

What type of food is highest in iron?

The top 10 high-iron foods
  • Fortified breakfast cereals.
  • Cooked oysters.
  • White beans.
  • Dark chocolate.
  • Organ meats.
  • Soybeans.
  • Lentils.
  • Spinach.

What lunch foods are high in iron?

Sources of iron
  • Your best sources of iron are meat, particularly red meat, so things like kangaroo, lamb and beef.
  • Good sources of iron include legumes, beans and dried fruit. …
  • Okay sources of iron are green leafy veggies (spinach, kale, brussels sprouts, silverbeet, etc.), nuts, seeds, tahini, dried fruit and eggs.

Is pasta high in iron?

Whole-grain pasta is typically high in fiber, manganese, selenium, copper and phosphorus, while refined, enriched pasta tends to be higher in iron and B vitamins.

Nutrients in Whole-Grain Vs. Refined Pasta.
Whole-Wheat Spaghetti Refined/Enriched Spaghetti
Iron 8% of the RDI 10% of the RDI

What raises iron quickly?

If you have iron-deficiency anemia, taking iron orally or getting iron administered intravenously along with vitamin C is often the fastest way to raise your iron levels.

Food sources of vitamin B12 include:
  • Meat.
  • Chicken.
  • Fish.
  • Eggs.
  • Fortified breads, pasta, rice, and cereals.

Are eggs high in iron?

Eggs, Red Meat, Liver, and Giblets Are Top Sources of Heme Iron.

What meats are high in iron?

Iron-rich protein sources
  • Beef.
  • Chicken.
  • Clams.
  • Eggs.
  • Lamb.
  • Ham.
  • Turkey.
  • Veal.

What foods to avoid if you are anemic?

Foods to avoid
  • tea and coffee.
  • milk and some dairy products.
  • foods that contain tannins, such as grapes, corn, and sorghum.
  • foods that contain phytates or phytic acid, such as brown rice and whole-grain wheat products.
  • foods that contain oxalic acid, such as peanuts, parsley, and chocolate.

Are baked potatoes high in iron?

One medium baked potato fulfills 10% of your daily iron intake. Just one more compelling reason to eat steak and potatoes. Our Loaded Steakhouse Baked Potatoes are delicious—and an awesome source of iron, since they hit the trifecta of potatoes, beef, and spinach.

What can worsen anemia?

A history of certain infections, blood diseases and autoimmune disorders increases your risk of anemia. Alcoholism, exposure to toxic chemicals and the use of some medications can affect red blood cell production and lead to anemia. Age. People over age 65 are at increased risk of anemia.

Are mashed potatoes high in iron?

Potatoes contain significant amounts of iron, mostly concentrated in their skins. More specifically, one large, unpeeled potato (10.5 ounces or 295 grams) provides 3.2 mg of iron, which is 18% of the RDI.

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