What is the best lure for mackerel?

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What is the best way to fish for mackerel?

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Can you catch mackerel with a lure?

A small shiny lure such as a spoon, spinner or baitfish imitation, and float fishing with small strips of bait, are successful mackerel tactics. But a string of feathers or small lures beats all methods. … These will catch lots of mackerel.

What lures are best for mackerel?

Small soft plastic lures also work well. Mackerel will nail these in the top 20 ft or so of water. Effective lures include the Fiiish Black Minnow 70, Savage Gear Sandeels in the mini 10 cm or small 12.5 cm sizes and many others that imitate small baitfish such as sandeels and sprats.

What Colour lures do mackerel like?

Most tend to carry treble hooks that result in an effective hook-up rate when trolled on a sturdy strike drag setting. Lures in the 20 cm range are popular with the red/white Qantas colour scheme and blues and greens being present in most avid mackerel angler’s tackle boxes.

Are spinners good for mackerel?

These spinners can come in a range of different colours and are extremely effective for not only mackerel but also bass and pollock, and often have a spinning or twisting action which provokes larger fish into attacking.

How do you rig a mackerel lure?

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How do you line up mackerel fishing?

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How do you get mackerel off a pier?

The main mackerel fishing technique used from a pier or jetty is to cast (usually not overhead if others are nearby) and retrieve with a consistent up and down motion on the rod so your sabiki rig looks like a small shoal of bait fish moving.

How do you make mackerel rigs?

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Does Tide matter for mackerel fishing?

Some species also react differently to the tide. … Shoal fish, such as mackerel, may come within range of anglers fishing from pier and rock marks when the weather is calm and the tide is weak, but stay further out at sea during strong spring tides, especially when they are combined with bad weather.

How fast should you troll for mackerel?

The secret to more effective Mackerel trolling is speed. If you want to catch more Mackerel on lures, troll faster. While 6 knots is okay, 7, 8, 9 or 10 knots is even better. The faster you can troll, the more likely you are to get connected.

How do you catch mackerel with feathers?

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How do you catch a Spanish mackerel from a pier?

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What lures do Spanish mackerel like?

The most productive lures for anglers Spanish mackerel fishing have two characteristics, a fast erratic action as well as some flash. Silver spoons, Gotcha lures, diamond jigs, plugs, and jigs are all top artificial lures. All of these baits imitate wounded bait fish, which is the primary forage of Spanish mackerel.

What color is mackerel attracted to?

Another study, investigating the effect of 10 different coloured lures on hooking rates of spotted mackerel, Scomber australasicus, found that red lures had the highest hooking rate and were of greatest visibility to the fish (Hsieh et al., 2001) .

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