What is the best bait for Spanish mackerel?

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Spanish mackerel will eat just about anything including sardines, mullet, cut bait, squid, and shrimp. They prefer quickly moving bait, but when they’re feeding they are not particularly picky. Seasoned anglers will always keep shiny spoons and other heavy metal lures on hand.

What do you catch Spanish mackerel with?

The top two live baits for Spanish mackerel fishing are live shrimp and live bait fish. The most effective live bait fish are the families of small silvery fish such as scaled sardines, Spanish sardines, and threadfin herring.

What is the best time to catch Spanish mackerel?

Normally, the times around sunrise and sunset are your best times. But, Spanish are a schooling fish and will come by the pier any time during the day. Fishing off the end of the Okaloosa Island Pier Spanish Mackerel caught on the with a Gotcha.

What is the best bait for mackerel?

The best bait for catching mackerel is either a sandeel or strip of mackerel, but lures are also highly effective. I recommend the spinners listed on this page alongside Japanese Sabiki feathers for more hook ups. Fishing with baited mackerel feathers allows you to catch mackerel as well as other species.

How do you fish for Spanish mackerel?

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Is Spanish mackerel good bait?

Ballyhoo, mullet, bonito and squid all make great baits, but if you can match the size Spanish mackerel to the size of the billfish you are seeking, there is simply no better dead bait to pull. … When chasing marlin over 200 pounds, however, Spanish mackerel represent the dead bait of choice.

Can you use Spanish mackerel as bait?

You can use mackerel as bait but they must be in whole condition. If you use mackerel as bait they will count towards your daily bag limit. However, if the mackerel were legally harvest in days prior, they can be cut up and used as bait.

How do you bait mackerel?

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Do you bleed Spanish mackerel?

Spanish mackerel are one of our favourite fish to catch because they usually put up a very good fight. … These fish are good to eat if you look after them and bleed them after they are caught.

How do you target Spanish mackerel?

How to Target Spanish Mackerel
  1. Try using a small gold spoon. …
  2. Watch for those gray-hounding fish. …
  3. Use as fast a retrieve as you can, and if you’re trolling, bump the speed up to eight or even nine knots. …
  4. Use weight or a planer to get a lure down beneath the surface. …
  5. Watch for birds.

How do you catch a Spanish mackerel from a pier?

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What Colour lures do mackerel like?

Most tend to carry treble hooks that result in an effective hook-up rate when trolled on a sturdy strike drag setting. Lures in the 20 cm range are popular with the red/white Qantas colour scheme and blues and greens being present in most avid mackerel angler’s tackle boxes.

What is the best way to fish for mackerel?

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How do you rig live bait for Spanish mackerel?

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How do you set up a mackerel rig?

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What size hooks for Spanish mackerel?

A piece of light wire is used to avoid cut-offs from their razor sharp teeth and one or a pair of small, size 6 or 8, treble hooks are used. They can buzz a lightly set drag pretty well and are especially fun to catch on trout/flounder/drum outfits. Spanish mackerel are tasty prepared in a variety of ways.

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