What is a good mixer for watermelon vodka?

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Mix a shot of watermelon vodka with cranberry juice for a tasty, simple cocktail. Serve the drink over ice and garnish with lime. Watermelon vodka also mixes well with lemonade, orange or pineapple juice.

What goes well with Absolut watermelon?

Absolut Watermelon Fizzy Punch
  • Ice Cubes.
  • 1½ Parts Absolut Watermelon.
  • 1½ Parts Lemon Juice.
  • ½ Part Simple Syrup.
  • 3 Chunks Watermelons.
  • Soda Water.
  • Mint Leaf.

What flavor mixes well with watermelon?

Watermelon Goes Well With
  • Fruits and Veggies: avocado, lemon, lime, red onion, berries, coconut, jalapeño, other melons, lettuce, corn.
  • Herbs &amp, Spices: mint, chili pepper, salt, ginger.
  • Savoury: pork, chicken, white fish, beans and pulses, shrimp, balsamic vinegar.

Does vodka watermelon get you drunk?

Or, you could get it drunk (yes!). A drunken watermelon is what happens when you add the contents of a bottle of vodka to a whole watermelon. The flesh of the melon absorbs the liquor which means that when you eat a slice, it’s like drinking a cocktail.

What tastes good with watermelon Ciroc?

CÎROC Summer Watermelon can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed with club soda or a variety of fresh ingredients such as pineapple juice, cranberry juice, lemonade and lime.

What flavor is Absolut Vodka?

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Is Absolut Watermelon good?

Most flavored vodka’s weigh in between 60-70 proof. At 76 proof Absolut Watermelon is a little heavier, and the higher octane is obvious. From a flavor standpoint Absolut Watermelon may be the tastiest watermelon flavored vodka on the market today. With a softer finish Absolut Watermelon would have scored even higher.

Does cinnamon and watermelon go together?

Watermelon, when it is ripe and in season is so deliciously sweet! Adding in some cinnamon is a great way to add some extra fiber and to balance your blood sugar. For those of you with diabetes, this is a perfect snack for you! … This snack is very easy to make, you just need a watermelon and some cinnamon.

How do you add flavor to watermelon?

Use a knife to slice a lemon or lime in half and squeeze about 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of juice over sliced or cubed watermelon. Some people find that a boost of acidity makes the melon taste sweeter. Try adding salt and pepper to round out the flavor. Or, if you like spicy foods, add some cayenne or hot sauce!

Why do people put salt on watermelon?

Salt is a great way to enhance these fruits’ natural sweetness. Salting watermelon also improves the fruit’s texture. A little sprinkling of salt brings all the liquid to the surface of the water-rich fruit. As a result, each bite is guaranteed to be juicy and sweet.

Is it bad to mix watermelon with alcohol?

So it’s no surprise this fruit is the most hydrating, refreshing, and yummy fruit to add into your favorite cocktails. Therefore, disregard the rumors that claim watermelon and alcohol don’t mix, and instead just add the deliciously refreshing fruit to your next cocktail to sip on sweet summertime.

How do you speed up a vodka watermelon?

Hack Your Pour

You can stick the actual bottle in the hole tomorrow before your friends come over, but you need the funnel to see if the vodka is actually going into the watermelon. Also, it doesn’t make as big of a mess. Fill the funnel with vodka and wait. It should, eventually, seep into the watermelon.

How long does it take for a watermelon to soak up vodka?

Allow watermelon to infuse for 12-24 hours at room temperature. Once the vodka has infused into the watermelon, refrigerate until cold (if preferred), then cut into slices and enjoy responsibly!

Is there sugar in ciroc watermelon vodka?


Is ciroc watermelon limited edition?

Limited Edition Cîroc Summer Watermelon

Limited-time only – get it before it’s gone! CÎROC Summer Watermelon is a rich tasting spirit made with vodka five times distilled from fine French grapes, finished in a tailor-made copper pot still in Southern France.

What is the best flavor of Ciroc?

Ciroc Vodka Flavors List
  • Ciroc Vodka Coconut. 4.6 out of 5 stars. …
  • Ciroc Vodka Pineapple. 4.6 out of 5 stars. …
  • Ciroc Vodka. 4.5 out of 5 stars. …
  • Ciroc Vodka Red Berry. 4.5 out of 5 stars. …
  • Ciroc Vodka French Vanilla. 4.6 out of 5 stars. …
  • Ciroc Vodka Apple. 4.6 out of 5 stars. …
  • Ciroc Vodka Peach. 4.6 out of 5 stars. …
  • Ciroc Vodka Mango.

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