Is Woolworths selling Showbags?

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From today, Woolworths will be selling a variety of popular showbags across 210 of its New South Wales stores. From Harry Potter to Stranger Things, there’s something for everyone in the family.

Does Woolworths have show bags?

Friends Showbag Each | Woolworths.

Is IGA selling showbags?

Selected supermarkets, including IGA and Woolworths, are selling showbags in store now!

How do you get Ekka showbags?

All showbags will be available to purchase at Ekka inside The Courier-Mail Showbag Pavilion. The 2021 showbag listing is now available.

What’s in the Bertie Beetle showbag?

  • 7 Famous Bertie Beetles.
  • Lollypop.
  • Red Ripperz bar.
  • Milko bar.
  • Squishy worm keyring.

How much are the showbags at IGA?

The full catalogue includes 20 themed showbags available for just $5, $10 or $30 at IGA stores and available online to be delivered directly to your door!

Does Foodland sell showbags?

Novelty showbags are now available in selected stores.

How do I get the Ekka showbags online?


Many of our showbag providers including Chicane Showbags, I Love Showbags,, &amp, Morish Nuts sell them online.

How can I get a free Bertie Beetle showbag?

All you have to do is shop online at the Showbag Shop before midnight THIS SUNDAY and you’ll get a free showbag valued at $8. No minimum spend, no special codes required, every order will get a free showbag – it’s that easy | Facebook.

Can I still buy Ekka Showbags?

“Pretty devastated to be on the run.” Instead, the company will be allowing all those bags that were due to be for sale at the show to be sold online through That will also include cult classics like Bertie Beetle and fan favourites Bluey, Star Wars and Marvel.

Can you still buy Bertie Beetles?

Strangely, while most chocolates are readily available from retailers year-round, Bertie Beetle is not. There are about 50 independent “retro” confectionary stores across the country that sell the honeycomb beetle, according to the product’s agency Chicane Marketing. Showbags can also be purchased online.

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