How do you make cream of spinach soup from scratch?

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Can frozen spinach be used in soup?

Use frozen spinach for dips, pastas and soups, or give it the creamed spinach treatment. Whether you go classic or shortcut you can use frozen spinach and enjoy the results.

How do you make homemade soup taste better?

7 Easy Ways to Make Any Soup Better
  1. Brown or Sear the Meat. If you are adding meat to a soup, sear or brown it in a sauté pan before you add it to the soup. …
  2. Roast the the Veggies. …
  3. Mix up the Texture. …
  4. Use Homemade Stock Whenever Possible. …
  5. Put Your Cheese Rinds to Work. …
  6. Add Fresh Herbs or Dairy When Serving.

Should I add spinach to my soup?

A simple, quick meal you can prepare at home is soup. Enhance the health benefits in a pot of soup by adding spinach, a colorful and nutrient-packed vegetable.

What is spinach sauce made of?

Sauce ingredients.

Fresh baby spinach, garlic, olive oil, nutritional yeast, coconut milk, salt, and pepper.

Should I defrost frozen spinach before cooking?

So when you defrost your frozen spinach, it has already been wilted down and cooked to some degree. The best way to defrost frozen spinach is to warm it in the microwave for a few minutes or warm it over low heat on the stove in pot and strain excess water with a mesh sieve or colander.

How do you cut spinach for soup?

And then just chop away until you have your desired size. I. Hope you found this tip useful be sure

What is the secret to making good soup?

Here are thirteen simple tips to help make your (already delicious) homemade soup even better.
  1. Double your recipe. …
  2. Sweat the vegetables. …
  3. Consider each ingredient’s cook time. …
  4. Chop in spoon sizes. …
  5. Salt your soup sparingly. …
  6. Take stock of your stock. …
  7. Simmer, simmer, simmer. …
  8. Know your noodles.

How do you thicken up soup?

Add Flour, Cornstarch, or Other Thickener: Starches thicken soup and give it body. Whisk a few tablespoons of starch into a little of the broth in a separate bowl before whisking it into the main pot. This prevents the starch from clumping and helps it dissolve into the soup evenly.

What can I add to soup for flavor?

Pack in umami flavor.

“If your broth is lacking in savory richness, try adding roasted onion, tomato paste, mushrooms, seaweed, soy sauce, or miso. These ingredients add umami flavor and depth to broth,” she says.

Can you add baby spinach to soup?

Like all good soups though, you need something green to make it come alive. I used whole baby spinach leaves in this soup – not only to add colour and flavour, but to also add some solid health benefits, such as protein, calcium, potassium, and iron.

Can you use spinach instead of kale in soup?

The most common green, English spinach or spinach has a more green ‘spinachy’ flavour than kale. … However if you just want to add some cooked greens to a dish, spinach including defrosted frozen spinach is a good kale substitute.

Why is spinach so good for you?

Spinach has vitamins and minerals like vitamin E and magnesium that support your immune system. This system keeps you safe from viruses and bacteria that cause disease. It also defends your body from other things that can hurt you, like toxins.

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