How do you drink Cruz watermelon vodka?

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What do you mix with watermelon Cruz?

Mix a shot of watermelon vodka with cranberry juice for a tasty, simple cocktail. Serve the drink over ice and garnish with lime. Watermelon vodka also mixes well with lemonade, orange or pineapple juice.

What can you mix Cruz with?

The mouth-watering taste of Juniper with hints of rose and coupled with spiced ruby grapefruit and refreshing cucumber undertone offers a smooth, flavourful liquid perfect for mixing, to be enjoyed with a craft tonic, lemonade or even cranberry juice.

Does watermelon vodka get you drunk?

Can You Get Drunk From Spiked Watermelon? Because the fruit has soaked up alcohol, eating a slice of the spiked watermelon is equivalent to drinking a cocktail and therefore should be consumed in moderation.

Does watermelon vodka taste good?

Smirnoff Watermelon is infused with a pink watermelon flavor for a sweet and refreshing taste in all of your drinks. Triple distilled, this specialty spirit is smooth enough to drink on the rocks or in a round of vodka shots.

Can you mix alcohol with watermelon?

So it’s no surprise this fruit is the most hydrating, refreshing, and yummy fruit to add into your favorite cocktails. Therefore, disregard the rumors that claim watermelon and alcohol don’t mix, and instead just add the deliciously refreshing fruit to your next cocktail to sip on sweet summertime.

Is watermelon good with alcohol?

TRUTH: There’s no lethal chemical reaction with watermelon and alcohol. Mixing watermelon with some types of alcohol results in summertime bliss!

Can you drink vodka straight?

Vodka: You can absolutely drink vodka neat, or at least by itself (cold temps or ice help dull any astringent, alcoholic heat). Historically, traditionally, the classically “neutral” spirit is best served very cold and smooth, paired with food.

How does Cruz taste?

Expect a crafted balance between indulgence and refreshment with the banana flavour as the star of the show, and a tasteful hint of vanilla to top it off. … Speaking on this new venture, Forbes said: “I wanted to create a Banana flavoured vodka because it has never been done before.

Can I mix vodka with Coke?

The Vodka and Coke cocktail is just one of many cocktails that involve mixing liquor with your favorite soda. The crisp bit of a high quality vodka blends perfectly with the smooth, sweet flavor of Coke. In fact, there may not be a more popular mixer with any liquor than Coca Cola.

How long does watermelon need to soak in vodka?

The bottle should now be completely inverted into the watermelon. Allow watermelon to infuse for 12-24 hours at room temperature. Once the vodka has infused into the watermelon, refrigerate until cold (if preferred), then cut into slices and enjoy responsibly!

How do you tap a watermelon?

  1. Step 1: Get it level. First, give your watermelon a flat side to keep it level. …
  2. Step 2: Scoop it out. Next, cut about 1/2 an inch off of the top of the melon to serve as a lid. …
  3. Step 3: Time to tap. Now that your watermelon is hollow, it’s time to tap!

Is watermelon Bad for hangover?


Since headache associated with a hangover is usually due to dehydration and decreased blood flow to the brain, eating watermelon may help ( 9 , 10 ). Watermelon is rich in L-citrulline, a nutrient that may increase blood flow ( 11 ). What’s more, its high water content can help you rehydrate.

How do you speed up a vodka watermelon?

Hack Your Pour

You can stick the actual bottle in the hole tomorrow before your friends come over, but you need the funnel to see if the vodka is actually going into the watermelon. Also, it doesn’t make as big of a mess. Fill the funnel with vodka and wait. It should, eventually, seep into the watermelon.

How do you empty a watermelon?

Step 4 rotate the melon 90 degrees. And make evenly spaced slices through it with wise cutting all

How do you hollow out a watermelon?

And so I just take a little slice off the bottom and now it’s it’s real level. And then for this

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