Are beef cheeks and ox cheeks the same?

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Ox cheek, also referred to as beef cheek, is a cut of beef that comes from the cheek muscles of a cow. It has as much rich and delicious taste as ox tail so is a great option for stews and casseroles.

What can I use instead of ox cheeks?

What can I use to replace beef cheeks in recipes?
  1. Beef short ribs. Beef short ribs, also known as flanken ribs, are sliced from under the cow’s chuck. …
  2. Oxtail. Oxtail is sliced from the cow’s tail and makes a handy replacement for beef cheek. …
  3. Brisket. …
  4. Osso Buco. …
  5. Chuck. …
  6. Silverside. …
  7. Lamb shanks. …
  8. Beef tongue.

Are beef cheeks actually cheeks?

What are beef cheeks? Beef Cheeks are the cheek muscle of cows and they are a very tough cut of meat that needs to be cooked long and slow to make it tender. It absorbs the flavours of braising liquid well and when you cut into it, it is stringy, almost like pulled pork.

What animal does ox cheek come from?

The beef cheek comes from the facial muscle of the cow. Throughout its life, the cow is constantly working its cheek through chewing food, and consequently the meat is tough. Once cooked correctly, all the connective tissue becomes tender and melts in the mouth.

What cut are beef cheeks?

What cut are beef cheeks? As its name suggests, beef cheeks are taken from the facial muscle of the cow. As it is a hard working muscle, beef cheeks are an often tougher cut of meat, which is why they lend themselves to slow cooking. Beef cheeks contain a fair amount of connective tissue known as collagen.

Are ox cheeks good for you?

What’s this mean for cheek muscles? They’re super strong! The continuous chewing movement means more blood flow to the area and toned muscles that result in an enormous amount of flavor for the cut! They’re Healthy!

Do Aldi sell beef cheeks?

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Are beef cheeks expensive?

Are beef cheeks an affordable cut? “They’re very affordable! They usually go for around $15 per kilo, which is a very good price for a cut like that. The outcome is similar to something worth $50 a kilo.”

How do you remove beef cheeks?

So what you want to do is place your other hand on top of the silver skin on top of the beef cheek

Is there another name for beef cheeks?

Cow cheeks and barbacoa. Beef cheeks, called joues de boeuf in France, are inexpensive off-cuts that reward patient cooks.

Where do beef cheeks come from?

Beef cheeks are a cut from the facial area of the animal, around the muscle the cow uses to chew.

Should you trim beef cheeks?


When harvested, Beef cheeks are surrounded by a lot of tough sinew and fat. A helpful and skilled butcher will be happy to trim all this off for you as even the longest slow cooking can’t break this hard sinew down. Just be sure to buy trimmed Beef Cheeks and you are good to go.

Do beef cheeks smell bad?

Should beef cheeks smell? It can have a slight smell, if you are very sensitive. But if you wipe it off and sear the meat there is no longer a smell. Nor is the flavour of the meat tainted in any way.

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